I’m Melissa! The CEO and Owner of The Dollar Divas. I’ve been couponing for almost 2 decades and have been freelancing in the coupon website world for years. I’ve learned all the tricks, mastered the tips and adjusted every time the savings game changes. I’m a mother of five beautiful children and one crazy husband. I started my own website to create a real place for the normal mom, dad, and even college student to learn how to save money without a decade of knowledge and a boatload of time.

Here at The Dollar Divas we don’t do click bait. We don’t do false advertising, and we don’t crazy complicated deals. In fact, we ditched the idea of paper coupons all together. Statistics show that the regular American family doesn’t purchase the Sunday Newspaper anymore. In the years I’ve worked in the coupon industry I’ve heard nothing but complaints about ‘newspaper coupons’. I don’t have time to clip coupons! What does smart source even mean? How many can I use?

We aim to give you easy peasy deals, print a coupon, go to the store. We give you real savings ideas, we post the price of a Kohl’s deal WITHOUT having a Kohl’s charge because not everyone has one! Don’t use Ibotta? No problem, because we post the actual amount you pay, the Ibotta is just the bonus.

No gimmicks, no fake deals, if it’s not a deal I would buy myself I wouldn’t post in here. Think a deal isn’t that great? Let us know! We are a website built for the reader, not for our wallets.

So drop us a line at thedollardivasrespond@gmail.com and give us your feedback, we will listen! Want different deals? Looking for a new store’s flyer? We want to help!

Keep your eye out daily for new ways to save, because it pays to be a Dollar Diva!

Photograph provided and taken by amber axtell photography

Photograph provided and taken by amber axtell photography