Big-Y Coupon Policy

Big-Y is a grocery store chain available only in Massachusetts and Connecticut, but with 70 stores throughout these two states, Big-Y remains the fourth largest grocery store chain in New England. Big-Y’s prices tend to be much higher than other grocery chains of it’s type, but look out for their Buy 1 Get 2 Free sales which often include some great deals. Big-Y also doubles coupons and offers their Silver Club program and Gold Coins to lower your costs even further. Below is the most updated Big-Y coupon policy and their policy for digital coupons.

Coupon Policy For Manufacturers', Internet & Digital Coupons

  • The purchase must meet the terms of the coupon.

  • Only one coupon is allowed per item.

  • Manufacturers' paper coupons with a face value less than 99¢ will be doubled.

  • Digital coupons, store coupons & those that state “Don’t Double” are not doubled.

  • Digital coupons & offers can be combined with manufacturers’ coupons.

  • "Free-item" coupons will not be doubled.

  • The value of a coupon or value when doubled, may not exceed the price of the item. If it does, the item is free.

  • Coupons cannot be accepted toward any item that is given 'FREE' based on our stores' advertised sale. For example, if an item is advertised as 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free,' and the customer selects two, they may only redeem one manufacturers' coupon.

  • Redemption of identical coupons is limited to 5 per customer per ad week.

  • Double coupon offer excludes coupons on tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets & other items prohibited by law.

  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any coupon.

Our Price Accuracy Policies

*Excludes items prohibited by law.


  • In the event that a consumer commodity scans at an incorrect higher price, you will be given one item of that consumer commodity free of charge up to the value of $20.00, credit will be given for items of higher value.


As required in 202 CMR 0.06(2) if there is a discrepancy between the advertised price, sticker price, scanner price, display price and checkout price on any grocery item the consumer pays the lowest price. In the case of food stores or food departments, if the checkout price or scanner price is not the lowest price or does not reflect a qualifying discount: the consumer:

  1. Shall not be charged for one unit of the grocery item, if the price is $10 or less;

  2. if the lowest price is more than $10 the consumer shall be charged the lowest price less $10 for one unit of the grocery item,

  3. and shall be charged the lowest price for any additional units of the same grocery item purchased.


How to Use Digital Coupons

  • Log in or Create your myBigY account on or on our myBigY App

    • NOTE: Your card number and last name associated with your account are required to set up an account.

  • Online go to the menu option Save/Coupons/Digital Coupons or select digital coupons on the myBigY App.

  • Click the + icon on the coupon you want, to load the offer to your card.

  • Coupons are applied* at checkout with your Silver Savings Club card and the purchase of applicable items.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find digital manufacturer and Big Y brands coupons?
Log in to myBigY, and look for your name at the top. Just click on your name for the dashboard link.

Look for the "DIGITAL COUPONS" row and you'll see the number of digital coupons AVAILABLE and LOADED on your card.
From the website menus, select “COUPONS” in the "SAVE" pull down menu. then select "Digital Coupons.

Click on what you'd like to view and your digital coupons will be displayed.

To Load digital coupons, just click the (+) sign on add them to your card. This will load the digital coupon to your Silver Savings card and to your current shopping list.
Please note: digital coupon items added to your shopping list from the circular will not load coupons to your card.

When you view your LOADED digital coupons, or your shopping list, your digital coupons will be displayed.
Once the coupon is used or expired, it will be removed from your loaded coupons and shopping list.

How do I find digital coupons on the BigY App?
Log in to myBigY, and follow the instructions on the question above or click the digital coupon link on the bottom of the app to begin.

How do I print my digtial coupon list?
When you load a digital coupon to your card it is automatically added to your current shopping list.

You can create a list just for digital coupons, and change your list before loading digital coupons to your Silver Savings card.

Where can I get the phone apps?

Apps are available at the Android and iPhone app stores:

Are digital coupons available on tablets?

The myBigY App is designed to be compatible with tablets.

Will all digital coupons be loaded to my card?

Only coupons you click will be added to your card.
Please note: digital coupon items added to your shopping list from the circular will not load coupons to your card.
TO LOAD TO CARD: Select “COUPONS” in the SAVE pull down menu. Select click2card, then click the + icon on the coupon you want, to load the offer to your card.

Where can I see the digital coupons that are loaded to my card?

In myBigY online, click on the red bar with (your name)’s myBigY to see your dashboard of all offers loaded to your card. On the myBigY App, Click on the myBigY icon on the bottom of your screen.

How many of each coupon can I use?

Digital coupons have a limit of one per item per card and do not double.

How will the redeemed coupons display on my receipt?

This section in the receipt contains items with the digital coupon items listed with the price after the coupon discount has been applied.

Total digital coupon savings are displayed on the bottom of your receipt.