7 Reasons Why Squarespace Is BETTER Then WordPress!

Setting up a blog or a website is NOT easy, despite what many bloggers and articles will lead you to believe. It is filled with complicated corners that will confuse you and make things harder. Here at the Dollar Divas, we keep it simple.

This is why you should choose Squarespace instead of WordPress. I’ve worked professionally with both on both small and larger websites and Squarespace is the easier option. Check out why we recommend using Squarespace to set up your blog or website:

  • Squarespace has a limit of choices. While WordPress has limitless choices to customize your website this can make it very complicated for new users. Squarespace is simple, streamlined and easy to use, you can make your new site and get it up and running in under an hour with ZERO knowledge of how to use it.

  • Adding images, videos, audio and any number of ‘content blocks’ is very straight forward and simple with Squarespace, and again, is much more complicated when using WordPress.

  • Squarespace costs $12 per month. Want to start a business? That cost only rises to $18 per month.

  • Squarespace comes with hundreds of ready-made website templates neatly organized into different categories.

  • Use PayPal or Stripe when utilizing e-commerce through Squarespace.

  • The Squarespace platform is fully translated into six languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and more.

  • BOTTOM LINE- Squarespace has hassle free website setup and is easy for beginners to use.

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