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10 Easy Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill!

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  1. It’s called ‘ghost electricity’. Even when your appliances are turned off, they still suck electricity! Yup thats right! Even if its plugged into a surge protector. For ease, keep everything plugged into a surge protector and just unplug all your items at once for ease. Keeping your TV’s, your X-Box and your coffee-pots unplugged can ultimately save you almost $100 a month on your electricity, depending on where live. Even sweeter, it cuts down on your chargers and plugs from being a fire risk.

  2. Invest in Nest or a similar product- Nest is my favorite and its compatible with a range of home smart systems. Essentially these ‘smart thermostats’ learn your heating and cooling habits and automatically adjust to save you money when it can. Save $100’s a year on your heating bill by purchasing a smart thermostat. Purchase Nest on Amazon for just $208.00, bonus, it comes compatible with Alexa.

  3. Charge your phone and tablets in your car- Seem’s silly right? But how often do you drive around? The majority of cars have multiple outlets, and you can buy a great charger, like this one that can charge more than one device at a time! You can even buy a converter kit for your car to add plugs (if you want to get really hardcore). Now all those electronics are no longer being charged to your bill in your home, winning!

  4. Use your washer and dryer appropriately- Firstly, wash your clothes in COLD water, that alone saves you hundreds a year, just on the hot water! Make sure you load the washer and dryer appropriately. Don’t over or under load it and always use HE detergent. OR buy this portable washer that uses NO electricity for $49.99.

  5. Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs- While they are an investment, (these weren’t too expensive!) in the long run they save a TON on electricity. They last like three times as long as regular light bulbs and are made to save you money.

  6. Wanna be really cheap? Let your food cool to room temperature before putting it into the refrigerator and avoid putting hot foods in the refrigerator to cool. Your fridge has to use twice as much energy to cool hot items down, versus keep cool items the same temperature. Also leave your fridge and freezer at their optimal temperature per the manufacturer. This will allow you to make them the most energy efficient.

  7. Hand wash your dishes- This one sucks (I HATE hand washing dishing). But, you save a ton of electricity this way. Your dishwasher uses lots of electricity AND hot water as opposed to hand washing them.

  8. You should also check your manual for the suggested temperature and ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are both set to this standard. Usually these temperatures are the optimal temperatures to save energy and to save on your electric bill.

  9. Be frugal about your hot water use. Those showers? They cost money. Take a 30 minute shower? (My husband does!) Cut it down to 15. Shut off the water when you brush your teeth. So on and so forth. Every little bit counts.

  10. Minimize the use of your AC during the summer. It’s hot, it’s gross, and we want to stay cool. But that AC? It’s pricey. Aim to use other cooling techniques in your house as opposed to your AC’s. (Battery-Operated Fans anybody?)

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Twenty Items You Should Always Buy at Aldi's

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The hardest part of grocery shopping nowadays is knowing WHAT price points to look for. The prices of grocery items are constantly fluctuating and propaganda and sale flyers make it really hard to know what is a good price and what isn’t. Even stores like Aldi’s have PLENTY of hidden price traps and items that are NOT as cheap as you think they are. Below are ten items that are almost always guaranteed to be cheaper. *Please note that prices will vary by region and may change over time*

IMG_0435 3.JPG
IMG_4372 2.JPG
  1. Milk - $1.20/Gallon

  2. Reggano Pasta Sauce- $0.84 cents a jar

  3. Bars of Cheese- $1.69 each

  4. Mac and Cheese - $0.33 each

  5. Eggs- varies depending on the season- as low as $0.40 cents a dozen

  6. Bake House Creation Crescent Rolls - $0.89 each

  7. Burman’s Yellow Mustard -$0.55 each

  8. Chicken- Often as low as $1.69/lb

  9. Casa Mamita Salsa 1.5 lbs - $1.19

  10. Clancys Pretzels One Pound Bag- $0.59

  11. Tortilla Chips - $0.89

  12. Fruit and Vegetables - Look for the produce pick of the week which is often rock bottom. (This week grapes were $0.69/lb)

  13. Stewed/Diced Tomatoes - $0.45 a can

  14. Aldi’s Brand Diapers - $3.99 (We’ve heard great reviews!)

  15. Pie Crusts - 2 ct-$1.39

  16. Pre-peeled and deveined shrimp between - $4.99-$5.99 a bag

  17. Aldi’s Brand Nutri-Grain Bars - $1.25

  18. Buttermilk 64 oz - $0.49

  19. Hot Dogs- $0.79

  20. Dakota’s Pride Chili Beans - $0.49

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What is Ibotta and Why You Should Download it Now!

Ibotta is one of several money saving apps that you should have downloaded on your phone. There are many, but by far, Ibotta is the best. Here is a simple breakdown of how it works.

  1. You download the app and get a $10.00 bonus by signing up and submitting your first rebate.

  2. You buy an item that is eligible for a rebate and scan your receipt.

  3. You get $10.00 plus that rebate put into your account.

  4. When you reach $25, you can cash out directly to PayPal or redeem for one of dozens of Gift Cards, all redeemed pretty much instantly.

Sounds pretty easy right? It is! Also, Ibotta has tons of rebates for things that are likely already on your shopping list. They offer dozens of ‘any’ rebates, where you can buy things like produce or just generic cereal and get rewarded. Sometimes they even offer rebates so high, it makes the item free!

Ibotta works at hundreds of stores but has the MOST offers at Walmart. It can also be combined with coupons to double the savings. The majority of the rebates are for great brand name items, often ones that are expensive otherwise!

Even sweeter, they often offer bonuses for redeeming so many rebates or two rebates together ect, to get more bang for your buck.

Most recently Ibotta has expanded to the online market and now you can shop through your phone, online, to get cash back as well! Make sure to check for special holiday offers that are live right now. Like the Cocoa Cash Bonus which gives you $2.00 extra cash back when you redeem 12 offers!

18 Places to Get Printable Coupons to Save Every Penny!

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  1. This will always be the first place you should go to find printable coupons, coupons generally role over on the 1st of the month and they offer many high value name brand coupons for printing. They now require for you to verify your phone number before printing, so now you can print only two per computer and phone number. (I use my husbands phone number to get two extra prints!)

  2. Often, you can find hot Wet N Wild coupons on this site. They have a smaller selection then, but always be sure to check!

  3. Red (Soon to be come Retail Me Not Every Day)- Another common printable coupon site, also with a smaller selection.

  4. Common A great place to get coupons for organic and healthier products.

  5. This is Johnson & Johnsons personal coupon site with loads of printables for your favorite Johnson & Johnson products, like Band-Aid.

  6. You must sign up for an account to print here. Along with coupons there is also an option to gain points for every Kelloggs purchase you make. It is really worth signing up for if you EVER buy any Kelloggs products. Get free coupons and points. They also offer free points codes monthly making it easier to get free stuff.

  7. This site often has one or two unique coupons but usually pairs up pretty closely with You need an account here also, but signing up gives you access to thousands of recipes and free product samples that come in your email.

  8. Pretty much identical to the printable site with the same requirements. I personally have received more sample offers through

  9. The corporate name for the Huggies brand, come here to print coupons for all your favorite Kimberly Clark Products, including Scott and Huggies

  10. The name says it all. You must sign up for an account to print here but much like Kelloggs Family Rewards, get points every time you purchase any Huggies products. Worth it, especially if you have little ones in diapers.

  11. Essentially the same as the Huggies program. Get points when you purchase pampers and redeem for toys and coupons. Also print coupons monthly.

  12. The PG printable site, find high value coupons for items like Tide and Gain.

  13. Product Websites- Often, if you go directly to the manufacturers website, they will have a printable coupon right on their site. Sites like Ortega, Thermacare, Aleve, and Advil do this often.

  14. This is one of my favorites, even though it’s listed near the bottom. Sign up for a free account here. You get 250 Swagbucks just for signing up. Swagbucks can be exchanged for 100s of different GC’s are their sight and you can earn SB in a variety of ways. They offer free codes, shopping online, and the most recent addition, printing and redeeming coupons. It varies but currently you can earn 1 SB for each coupon you print and 25 for each you redeem in store. They often run specials where you get up to 20 SB for printing a coupon. Their coupons are pretty much IDENTICAL to, so this is the place to print them, often, whether you use them or not.

  15. Hopster is a site that has coupons for healthier items. These coupons often align with sales at Whole Foods. Become a member to ‘boost’ coupons with points for more savings!

  16. All your coupons in one place. Search, click, print.

  17. Our Site- Click on the coupons tab for an exact replica of at your fingertips!