A Step-By-Step Full Proof Guide to Ibotta


Everything is about technology todays. So the idea of even trying to save money sounds overwhelming from first thought.

Print this, submit that, downloads and cutting, none of it seems reasonable. Here at The Dollar Divas we want to bring something to you that other websites don’t, USER FRIENDLY CONTENT.

We live in a country full of overwhelming, stressed out, busy people. Nobody has time for confusing deals, newspaper coupons, or deals that take them an hour just to read. So we decided to change that. Everything The Dollar Divas puts out is aimed to be easy to do and easy to save money.

So lets break Ibotta down into easy steps.

Setting Up Ibotta

First Download Ibotta using this link (Get a $10.00 Bonus)

Once downloaded, you are entitled to a $10.00 bonus after submitting a rebate.

Go to Account, Go to Settings, Go to Connected Accounts and Connect your Facebook Account.

You can cash out at $20.00, when you are ready to cash out, go to account, and tap Withdraw Cash underneath your profile picture. You can withdraw cash into Venmo or Paypal or choose to get a variety of Gift Cards.


Redeeming Rebates

If you want to redeem when shopping at your local grocery stores follow these instructions:

Go to Home

Either search in the search box for your favorite retailer or scroll below through the recommended retailers.

Click on your retailer

A series of rebates will pop up, click on the rebate to ‘add it’ to your list in order to redeem.

The limits vary on each rebate from 1 -5.

Once you purchase an item, use your receipt and hit redeem at the bottom of the screen.

Choose which store you purchased an item from and scan your receipt.

Then scan the item.

DONE! Your money will appear in your Ibotta account within 24 hours.

Cashing Out

When you have reached $20.00 you may cash out by clicking on account on the right hand on your screen.

You may choose PayPal, Venmo, or a variety of Gift Cards.

Questions? Email us! thedollardivasrespond@gmail.com