UPDATE: Misfits Market Still Amazing Four Months Later, Grab Your Box Now!

Update: Since our original box, their service has only gotten better! This months box was of the best yet!

This months box contained three giant bags of mini potatoes (these run for $3.99 EACH at Stop and Shop, PFFT), 2 pints of grape tomatoes, a dozen assorted clementines, several oranges, 2 lbs of green beans, three bags of sugar snap peas, 6 Vidalia onions, 7 key limes, a dozen orange and red peppers, 2 large packages of collard greens, 9 avocados, 6 cucumbers, four giant bunches of carrots with leaves attached and three zucchini.


Read the original review of Misfits Market below…

The new rave on the food delivery circuit is Misfits Market. The deal? They claim to offer you SIGNIFICANTLY reduced produce by offering you the ‘ugly produce’ that supermarkets and farmer’s typically throw away.

They offer a one time purchase or a subscription delivery. The subscription delivery is offered at a HUGE discount compared to the one time purchase options.

Their are two boxes to choose from, the Mischief Box and the Madness Box.

The Mischief Box is $19.00 as part of a subscription and serves 1-2 people per week. It contains approximately 10-12 lbs of organic mixed fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies vary by season. (One time purchase is $23.75, save 20% by subscribing to weekly delivery)

The Madness Box is $34.00 and contains approximately 18-20 lbs of fruits and veggies and servers approximately 4-5 people for a week. Fruits and veggies vary by season. (One time purchase is $42.50, save 20% by subscribing to weekly delivery) By purchasing through this article save $5.00 on your first box!

We purchased the Madness Box weekly subscription and paid $34.00.

Our box came in a insulated box and all the bags and the box are biodegradable and compostable.

When you open your package you will receive three pieces of paper, one that lists what your box contains, a recipe that utilizes the vegetables/fruits in your box, and a memo about all the eco-friendly packaging you have received.

Our box contained Butternut Squash, Savoy/Green Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots (Orange/Rainbow), Red Beets, Bell Peppers, Onions, Fingerling Potatoes, baby lettuce heads, and persimmons, purple asparagus, blackberries and Cremini mushrooms. All the produce was ORGANIC with the exception of the Cremini mushrooms, but they were grown indoors with no pesticides.

We received a recipe for Roasted Beet Hummus, which we made and it was delicious! All of our produce came in perfect shape, with the exception of our blackberries which were crushed a bit and leaking upon arrival. We chose to freeze them for smoothies later.



PROS:This is a huge savings. Our box easily covered our vegetable needs for a family of five for a week. I even managed to make enough baby food for our six month old daughter for TWO WEEKS. All the produce was organic so this was a HUGE savings. Not only are saving on grocery store prices, this produce is all organic, something that costs an arm and a leg in store. Really, its a no brainer at the subscription price, plus, it gets delivered to your door. It is worth saving the madness of going to the grocery store ALONE.

CONS: There is a limited selection of fruit. This could change by season. We only got blackberries and persimmons. The blackberries we couldn’t eat right out of the package because they were smushed and leaking. We managed to save them for smoothies. The persimmons were a loss because we had never heard of them (I seriously had to post on FB to get someone to tell me what they were lol) and nobody was brave enough to try them.

Overall, you should absolutely try the service, its a HUGE money saver and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Save $5.00 on your first box by clicking here.