What are Coupons and Where to Get Them?

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That word instills a whole lot of fear and anger into people depending on what side of the line you are sitting on. If you are the cashier, it’s probably, “Oh, boy, here we go!”

If it’s you and your new to coupons its probably more like, “Holy Crap, where do I begin!” So I’m here to give you a simple breakdown.

What are coupons?

Coupons are meant to save you money and they come in many forms. Digital, Promotion Codes, Newspaper, Printable, and Load2Card Offers. Coupons can save you lots of money OR CAN BE PROPAGANDA to make you spend money on something you DON’T NEED.

First Rule of Couponing: If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Coupon or Not.

Where do you get coupons?

Depends on the type of the coupon. Printable coupons are the most convenient coupons to use. They are available to print and just cut out when you are ready to go shopping, no prep needed. The majority of the major brands post coupons on coupons.com, and you can print each coupon off twice. Head here to check out what they currently have to offer. Coupons reset often, and really hot runs will run out without days, but there is always a HUGE reset at the beginning of the month.

There are also tons of printable coupons scattered around the web, for a larger list of where to find them, check out this article we wrote rounding up the best places.

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Digital Coupons can be found typically on the grocery store’s personal sites. Shaws, Price Chopper, Big-Y, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Kroger, Walgreens, and many more sites all offer digital coupons. These are all Load2Card offers. Sometimes these will be ‘store coupons or Load2Card offers’ but typically, they are manufacturer digital coupons OR manufacturer Load2Store offers. Depending on the stores specific coupon policy, you can often combine a digital store coupon or digital store Load2Card offer AND a paper manufacturer coupon, but this vary’s depending on every store. Every store offers a very detailed, easy to read FAQ on their digital coupon policy. Check out Stop and Shop’s Digital Coupon Policy here for an idea.

Promotion Codes are abundant, but the best place to find them is RetailMeNot.com

Retailmenot.com pretty much sources ALL the promotion codes on the internet and in-store promo codes to save you as much money as possible. These codes are almost always tested out by RetailMeNot.com and their users and have reviews below the promo codes to show you if they have worked or not. They always host the hottest ones of the front of the site.

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Newspaper Coupons - This one is a hot topic. If you are an extreme couponer, a SAHM, or someone who is dedicated to couponing, getting the Sunday coupons is a smart idea because you can save tons with them. There are three types of inserts. SmartSource, RetailMeNotEveryDay (Formerly Red Plum) and PG Everyday. Sometimes you get all three, or multiples of each in the Sunday newspaper, or sometimes their is only one. This can be pricey when buying a paper as the costs of them continue to rise. If you are interested in purchasing Newspaper Coupons, check out this article here about the best and easiest ways to get them.